Annual Microchip and Rabies Clinic!

DATE: Saturday, June 14,2014

LOCATION: In the parking lot of the Gardendale Pet Clinic

TIME: From 1:00-4:00 P.M.

Now that we have your attention... We've noticed we are seeing this more and more, and we would like to help! With the number of pet's going missing still on the rise, we have decided to make our Micro-chip & Rabies clinic an annual event! Remember, when you get your pet vaccinated for rabies they will receive a special tag that is registered to you. The rabies tag has a unique four digit number registered to your pet and the number of the Veterinary Clinic you use on it. If your pet goes missing and is found we can use the tag as a tool to help get your baby back home to you! If your pet goes missing and loses his/her collar, don't worry if they have a microchip we can still get them home! When someone finds your pet and either calls or takes them to a vet or shelter we generally scan for a microchip. The chip has a unique number that will pull up your information! Our microchips are universal and can be read on any scanner, so we can still get your baby back to you! On Saturday June 14th we are discounting all of our one year rabies vaccinations, three year rabies vaccinations, and microchips! Just look for the tent in our parking lot, and come on in between one and four! Hope to see you all there & taking advantage of these discounted specials! Call for any questions 205-631-9636!


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